Major Plastic Distribution Center

Major Plastic Distribution Center
Major Plastic Distribution Center

For many years, the Iranian plastic manufacturers' group was engaged in marketing and customer service with the same old and original sales methods, so that with the arrival of the younger generation into the class and the change in the taste of consumers in the country, Plasco producers and distributors began to drown out. And redefining their methods.
A variety of new marketing and sales methods flourished, and each manufacturer tried to pioneer this new wave by upgrading the quality of its production, marketing and sales. This has led to a sudden progression of the classroom and the very high variety of products, as well as the creation of a permanent and active competition, but there was still one thing!
Although each of our colleagues tried to create and launch a database for introducing their products, the existence of a centralized and powerful center that provides all the plastic products in one place was a major disadvantage. For the Plasco shopkeepers and city distributors there was still a major need.
The IRAN plastic player, having looked at the same problem and understanding, has put into practice the first and the most complete plastic site in Iran, which is, of course, the base in its early stages and is not without blemish, but with the help and assistance of your dear colleagues. It will improve on a daily basis. But it is, however, a base for plastic buyers and shopkeepers in different cities of Iran to look at thousands of existing ones from dozens of different manufacturers at the same place and buy the goods as needed. To make
Our ultimate goal is to reach a powerful network of online sales and sales to focus all plastic factories in one place, helping to overcome the current market need and help buyers.

Colleagues: You are a dear colleague
If you are a plastic product manufacturer and you would like to display your goods on our site, please call
09124721467 or send your product photos to our email address.
Please provide your name and contact number.

Buyers: You are dear friend
You can view and buy the latest plastic products on this site anywhere in Iran. To do this, just send us the product code or full name

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Address: Iran. Tehran . Tehranpars
Mobile: 09927984634

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