iran plastic center

iran plastic center
iran plastic center

Iran Plastics is a wholesaler of plastic, crystal and home appliance wholesalers throughout the country. As a distribution center in Plasco we offer a variety of products from domestic and foreign manufacturers to create a powerful distribution network to equip your store with the latest and most beautiful goods in the market. Having a varied product portfolio and genuine quality products along with fair pricing is one of the features of Iran Plastic. By launching this website, we have tried to support dear colleagues who are planning to buy retail products so that you can supply defective products from your store online at a factory price list and deliver to your store door. get. These products are shipped via Tipax and Freight Forwarding.

If you have a major purchase, please contact our partners for the final price of products that include a percentage of the discount on plastic plants. Upon receipt of your order, the invoice will be shipped at the final price of your service.

Times of purchase methods

    online shopping
    Purchase by phone

online shopping

In this type of shopping you can choose the product you need to add it to the cart and after payment, the product you need the delivery to the store. It should be noted that the prices of all products on the site are in accordance with the factory price list itself. Your shipping is via Tipax or Freight which is your choice.

Purchase by phone

If your purchase is in bulk you can contact our sales unit and confirm your order. In this case, our partners will send your order ready and dispatched after deducting the percentage discount on the major pre-invoice purchase. After reviewing the pre-invoiced and priced goods, contact our sales associates if they are ready to ship.

Phone: 02177791864

Cell: 09124721467

Telegram: t.me/plastic_ir

Instagram: www.instagram.com/iranappliance

Email: info@iranplastic.net

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/iran-plastic/

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